Sam Sine, originally from Paris, France, is a US-based music artist since 2008. He has been writing and producing music for media such as TV pilots, commercials, documentaries and independent short-movies as well as recording, producing, mixing and mastering songs for other artists. He also performed on a few of his original tracks and is currently working on more songs, which will become a full-album release in the future. 

In 2011, Sam won the “Best Composition” Sonokinetic Award for his track “The Forbidden Tomb” and, in 2015, won a Grand Prize Winner title of a road trip songwriting contest for “A Thousand Miles” – a track written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by himself. 

Sam started his musical journey as a drummer in France. While spending time with his drum teacher in recording studios, he became intrigued by the technical aspects of mixing and mastering, and decided to learn more. With the help of video tutorials and books from accomplished engineers, he quickly gained knowledge and perfected it by assisting a friend during mixing sessions. In the meantime, he still expanded his interest for playing other instruments before discovering a passion for writing original music. “I’ve never had academic music training” confesses Sam. “Everything I create is done instinctively, as if coming from my soul” 

Originally drawn, at an early age, to music from the Romantic era (1800-1880), Sam has, since, grown to appreciate many genres of music, which gives him the foundation and liberty to create music inspired by a broad range of influences and, consequently, to express his creativity through different styles as well. “Often, music artists are expected to categorize themselves into one particular genre” affirms Sam. “Restricting my creativity to this expectation would not be fulfilling. It would be like seeing the world in only one color. I love embracing cultures from around the globe and it definitely translates onto my work. Creating and producing music in many genres allows me to characterize myself, depict different moods from fragments of life and, ultimately, pay tribute to artistic diversity” 

Sam has chosen “Sine” [pronounced “sign”] as his artist name to honor his love for music and Nature. The sine sound is a pure and simple tone in music, and its signal resembles the gentle, undulating waves of an ocean. A place of great inspiration for him. 

One of Sam’s biggest dreams is to score a full-length Hollywood film in the same vein as the romantic drama “The Notebook”. But essentially, as an artist, Sam likes to use his music as a vessel to convey emotions or committed messages in hope of touching people’s hearts.





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